Supporting our local first responders mental health.

Serving Jefferson, Lewis, and St. Lawrence NY Counties


Our mission is to provide confidential positive mental health outreach, provide education for first responders and agency leaders, as well as remove the stigma around mental health.

Priority Wellness Campaign carries out our mission by providing valuable mental health resources, information, and training to the community. We will soon provide peer support so that first responders can comfortably share and process their emotional battles with their peers. We also provide mental health classes to emergency service groups, so that first responders are not only better equipped to deal with traumatic circumstances, but are also sensitive to the mental health of their coworkers as well. In addition to peer program, our organization connects first responders with professionals in mental health care if necessary.

Our current and future efforts align with our mission to assist first responders with their mental health needs. We also provide these resources to help normalize and destigmatize discussions of mental health, a critical step in ensuring that this crisis receives the attention it deserves. In the future, additional training, community outreach, and understanding our population’s critical needs will help us continue to grow as well.

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