BOD Committees

All committees of the Board of Directors are created to provide counseling and advice for the Board as well as to handle certin tasks on the Board's agenda. Any recommendations made by a committee needs to be approved by the Board. Members of committees may be Board Members and/or commuinty members.

Participation on committees is always welcome from community members. To apply for a seat on a committee, please visit Committee Application.



Executive: Patrick O'Connell, Joshua Wilcox, Kollin Hardy

Clinical Advisory: Chelsea Moore - Chair, Kollin Hardy

Audit: Jeffrey Muchnikoff - Chair

Nominations: Joshua Wilcox - Chair

Fundraising: Kollin Hardy - Chair

Marketing: Patrick O'Connell - Chair

Logistics: Julia Halteman - Chair


Note - Meetings of the Executive and Nominations committees are not open to the public.