Peer-to-Peer Program

About the Program

The Peer-to-Peer program has been established to bridge the gap between acute mental health crises and professional, clinical care. The program will train volunteers to be active listeners and provide conflict coaching to the individual seeking assistance. Often first responders are worried and uncomfortable with talking to a professional therapist or counselor and would rather talk to another person who has been in the same proverbial weeds as they have. It can be much more comforting for individuals who have a hard time opening up to complete strangers, not in their career field.

We are working to develop the training course in partnership with our Clinical Education Committee to train our volunteers, have a safe confidential space for individuals to talk to our peer listeners, promote positive coping mechanisms, and foster a positive outlook on mental health. We can also work with our community partners, which include the River Wellness Program, to get individuals needing clinical care the help they need to recover from their dark time.

All of our P2P listeners will be volunteers, funds go directly into the program!

We anticipate the program, given we are able to get the funding we need, will launch in early 2023!!